Red Faction Wiki
Died 2125
Affiliation Marauders
Voiced by Rajia Baroudi

Vasha is, as of 2125, the leader of the Marauders additionally, she is the sister of Samanya. Vasha is the main antagonist of Demons of the Badlands and an anti-hero in Red Faction: Guerrilla. Vasha is extremely distrustful and bitter towards 'Outlanders' including the Earth Defense Force, the Red Faction and the ordinary civilians of Mars. She has a falling out with her sister, Samanya, because of her outlook. However, when confronted by her sister and Alec Mason, she reluctantly agrees to help the Red Faction. This ultimately leads to her death during in the Battle of Mount Vogel to free the red planet.

Vasha is arguably a monster, having no qualms about killing innocent or unarmed colonists and attacking their settlements. There are also stories of families and miners 'disappearing' in the Badlands which the Marauders make their home.