Utopia Planitia Plaza

A view of the Utopia Planitia Plaza with the EDF Monument prominent.
Location Eos, Tharsis, Mars
Function Shopping/Public Area
Construction/Materials Plaza Suspended across Roadway

The Utopia Planitia Plaza was a public space in the Eos Sector centering around a monument to the Earth Defense Force. The monument which stood at the Utopia Planitia Plaza was by no means unique, with sister monuments at other major public areas such as the Xeros Gardens and Council Square alongside the large EDF War Memorial, all destroyed in the Second Martian Revolution.

Geography & Architecture

The layout of the plaza was quite open and modern, consisting of two broad wide bridges with handrails, public seating and potplants spanning the road beneath. Both bridges sat at almost 90 degrees from each other, centring on the Utopia Planitia Monument.

The Plaza also had several shops included on the far sides of the bridges from the monument, including a Section 9 Clothing and a Blue Mars Grocery.

Raised walkways offered passage to other areas of the urban centre.


Another view of the public plaza
The Utopia Planitia Plaza suffered badly during the Battle of Eos, witnessing destruction and one of the ugliest chapters of the Second Martian Revolution.

Lockdown of Eos

During the Battle of Eos, one of the darker events of the Second Martian Revolution took place at the Utopia Planitia Plaza. In order to smoke out the guerrillas within the colonists of Eos, the Earth Defense Force initiated the Lockdown of Eos and deployed snipers to the rooftops and upper stories of the shops there and at the Nestled Hills with orders to kill any civilians attempting to enter the area.The intention was clear; the people of Eos would starve unless they betrayed the Red Faction.

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