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"Give up, miner! "
―Ultor guards when engaging Parker

Ultor Enviro-Guard

Ultor Guards are the most common enemy type in Red Faction. Their main role is to secure the Ultor Corporation's mining complex on Mars and stop any revolting miners.

The first guard type encountered are the Envirosuit Guards. They can be found in mine M4 and other unpresurised areas that require envirosuits to stay alive, such as the martian caves and surface. They can be mostly found weilding control batons or pistols, though they can be found using grenades, sniper rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

Ultor Guard

The second and most commonly encountered guards are the regular guards. They wear combat helmets and body armor with blue, black, and silver highlights.

They're first encountered in the miner barracks and can be seen throughout Ultor's facilities on Mars. When first encountered, the guards will mostly use pistols and shotguns, but during later levels they will begin to use submachine guns and other heavier weapons.

Like most guards, they are cowardly and will run away from fights if wounded or when trying to reload.

Ultor Guard Commander

The third type are the Guard Commanders. The commanders wear helmets with yellow highlights and an antena and tinted visor. They have radios and extra armor which makes them the most resistant of all the other guards and are normally seen wielding assault rifles.

Ultor Riot Guard

The least encountered of the guard types are the Riot Guards. They only appear in the miner barracks as the revolt from mine M4 starts spreading there. They wear riot armor consisting of a yellow vest with the Ultor logo, black pants with thick blue pads on them, and a blue helmet with a black tinted face shield.

It is assumed they were phased out when the revolt turned out to be more than a small riot. They can be seen carrying control batons and shotguns and can run surprisingly quick for the amount of armor they have.

The last type of guard is the Elite Guard. They mostly appear in high-security areas like the third floor of the office complex and Capek's SciLabs. Unlike the other guards, they can perform a dodge roll as they engage the player. They are extremely hard to take down and are very difficult to flee from, especially while low on health.

Ultor Elite Guard


  • "You're dead, traitor!"
  • "Better run, miner!"
  • "Stand still and die like a man".
  • "Drop your weapon!"
  • "Try it, miner!"
  • "Where's my backup!?"
  • "Let's get 'em!"
  • "Party time!"
  • "Rebel scum!"
  • "Protest this, miner!"
  • "Attack! Attack!"
  • "Scuuuum!"
  • "Come on, tough guy!"
  • "Just you and me, miner!"

Lines said when reloading or wounded:

  • "Mercy, please..."
  • "Don't shoot, I'm unarmed!"
  • "Help! HELP!"
  • "I don't deserve to die..."
  • "Don't do it, please..."


  • Each type of Ultor guard will run cowardly once the player attaches a Remote Charges on them. However this won't work on Mercenaries due to their heavy armor.
  • There are also rare guards holding different types of weapons they aren't commonly seen with. Examples of this include the Ultor Guard Commander holding a Sniper Rifle at the Comm Center Tower, and an Elite Guard holding grenades in Capek's domain.
  • In the administration area, the Elite Guards will become upset if you shoot the decorative plants.
  • While the other guard types share the same lines, the Guard Commanders and Elites have a unique voice actor and set of lines.