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USP-16 Pistol
12mm Pistol RF1.jpg
Faction Ultor Corporation
Type Pistol
Location Mars
Power Low
Range Moderate to Long
Rate of Fire Fast
Special Silencer
Clip/Ammo 12mm
Fire Semi-Automatic

The USP-16 Ultor Semi-Automatic Pistol is the standard issued sidearm for all security guard employed by the Ultor Corporation.


The 12mm Pistol is one of the first weapon to be acquired in the game. The pistol is a handy sidearm in the first half of the game and can kill a security guard quickly with a few well placed shots. However the pistol becomes obselete in the second half of the game since it does little damage against the heavily armored mercenaries . The pistol has a silencer which can be attached and can be used to take down unaware guards silently.The 12mm pistol is a common weapon both in the hands of the Ultor guards and Red Faction members as well.