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USG-50 Sniper Rifle
Sniper Rifle RF1.jpg
Faction Ultor Corporation
Red Faction
Type Sniper rifle
Location Mars
Power High
Range Long
Rate of Fire Automatic
Special Zoom Scope
Clip/Ammo .50 Armor Piercing

The USG-50 Ultor Sniper Rifle is the standard sniper rifle for those in the service of the Ultor Corporation leading up to the First Martian Revolution.


The Sniper Rifle first can be obtained in a hidden area just before the abandoned mines section. The next time it is obtainable is from an Ultor guard whom is on the top of an old rock crusher. The sniper rifle is best suited for long range combat. It has a 12x zoom scope which is a great help to engage targets at a long range. The sniper rifle is a one-shot kill weapon most of the enemies and it can kill mercs with a single headshot. The sniper rifle is rather a rare weapon to be found in the enemies hands. It is mostly used by Ultor Enviro-guards and sometimes Guard Commanders. During the canyon battle, a couple of Red Faction members can be seen utilizing the weapon.

The sniper rifle is also available in the multiplayer and are very deadly.