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URL-6T Rocket Launcher "Big Earl"

The URL-6T as seen in the First Martian Revolution.

Faction Ultor Corporation
Type Rocket Launcher
Fire "Dumb" or "Heat-Seeking"

The URL-6T Ultor Tactical Rocket Launcher, or simply 'Big Earl', is an extremely powerful anti-vehicle weapon issued to troops in the employ of the Ultor Corporation during the First Martian Revolution when the miner uprising shows no signs of abating.

Description[edit | edit source]

The mastery of this heavy, unwieldy weapon by members of the Red Faction, including Parker, has been cited as one of the turning points in the uprising; such was the power it granted the rebels to deal with threats armored and otherwise.

The rocket launcher, like the FCA-26 Rail Driver and its descendants, had any infra-red scope able to see through walls and, whilst primarily used for firing "dumb" non-locking rounds, an infra-red sensor which could lock-on to targets and home in on them and is very useful for deadly effect against both the Earth Defense Force and Red Faction alike.

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