Affiliation Red Faction

Tyrell is a member of the Red Faction during its early insurgency operations against the Earth Defence Force in the Battle of Parker. The Parker sector is a hotbed for the fledgling miner movement in the initial stages of the Second Martian Revolution and it is their powerbase and main recruitment ground.

He works with Daniel Mason and Samanya, among the founders of the resurrected insurgency. He and Dan make up one of the most successful guerrilla Demolition Crews which put them high on the EDF hit-list.

Tyrell dies in an EDF sting operation about a month before the arrival of Alec Mason on Mars. Nobody else dies among the ranks, but it forces the cell to scatter and regroup understrength. Followed by the death of Dan Mason just afterward in an attack by an EDF Flyer, this left the Red Faction in need.

He lost a younger brother in a firefight near the Town of Dust.

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