Red Faction Wiki
Location Dust, Tharsis, Mars
Civic Landmarks Dust Police Station, Central Dust Fuel Station, EDF Dust Office Park
Inhabitants Colonists

The Town of Dust is a settlement located in the Dust sector of Tharsis to the south of the Dust Town Hall. The town is quite extensive, but also decentralised and spread over quite a large area from the executive housing complex down through to the most concentrated area of the town further to the south. During the Second Martian Revolution the town faired badly and is shelled by the artillery in the Free Fire Zone during the Battle of Dust to cover the withdrawal of the Earth Defence Force.

The southern central area of town includes an Alcohol Bar & Saloon, the Dust Police Station, a medical treatment centre, a clothes shop, the Central Dust Fuel Station and some storerooms.

To the east of the centre of town a sprawling EDF Office Park with a second EDF Administrative building along from it. To the north, between the centre of town and the Dust Town Hall, was the EDF Executive Housing compound.