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Thermobaric Rocket Launcher
Faction Red Faction
Type Thermobaric Weapon
Location upgrade table after FFZ
Power High
Range High
Rate of Fire Low
Special Very large explosion, can detonate rockets mid-air
Melee heavy weapon thrust

The Thermobaric Rocket Launcher is developed by the Red Faction and is the most destructive handheld weapon in Red Faction: Guerilla. It has the blast radius of a small car bomb, and gives off a huge cloud of highly flammable vapor. Unlike the normal Rocket Launcher, this weapon can only hold one rocket at a time. As the name implies, it is a thermobaric weapon.

Instead of letting the rocket impact an object or surface, the user can also detonate the rocket while it is in mid-air, allowing for more accurate attacks on tall buildings, vehicles and humanoids.

Later existed[]

Following the revolution, the Thermobaric Rockets were stocked and placed in many of the Red Faction vehicles in order to prepare themselves for any threat that will come in the future. During the White Faction Crisis, the remnant of the EDF, White Faction, where they attempted to spark a new war between both Red Faction and Marauders by use of their Severus-Class Dreadnaught, the inter-planetary ship to target both territories. Alec Mason used the damaged shuttle with Thermobaric and ram into it, successfully destroyed the dreadnaught, but not without sacrificed himself in the process.


  • If fired at the ground in the irradiated zone or an abandoned building, the resulting dust cloud will vaguely resemble a mushroom cloud.
  • Unlike most rockets,this rocket features a ramjet air-breathing engine, which would only allow it to operate inside atmosphere but provide better fuel economy.


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