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Tentacle in the loading screen.

The Tentacle is a worm-like Plague creature that appears out of the ground. It is very large and is not affected by the monolith's bonus.


The Tentacle attacks by throwing debris at you that it has taken off of a surrounding building. It can thrash you away if you get too close to the base of it. Although not a true attack, the Tentacles can launch you away if you walk above where they emerge.


The tentacles spawn from the ground bursting from the soil underneath, they can appear on both the floors and walls.

Possible Connection[]

Though it is not known that it seems that the tentacles are from the queen due to when Darius defeated her numerous tentacles come bursting out of where she just was and her body design follows the tentacles. They also are much like the Giant Worm from the first game, but doesn't launch acid.


A good strategy to use against the tentacle is to use the XNG-5000 due to its ability to break down anything the Tentacle takes, thus making the tentacle useless. Another weapon to use is the rocket launcher or singularity cannon following a similar effect. The Tentacle also shows a weakness to being hit in the head stuns it and causes it to thrash around. Or the player can destroy the tentacle to their preference.