Red Faction Wiki
Affiliation Red Faction
Appears in Red Faction II
Voiced by Cricket Leigh

Tangier is a member of The Squad, allied with the Red Faction. She formerly served in the Sopot Intelligence Services before volunteering to be a test subject for Chancellor Sopot's Super Soldier project.


Early life[]

Tangier is among the adolescent orphans shipped post-rebellion from the Ultor complex on Mars to the Commonwealth because of her demonstrated technical expertise. Tangier is immediately assigned to the Sopot intelligence services, where she distinguishes herself in domestic and foreign covert operations. Tangier also demonstrates a stable but introverted psychology, having an IQ of 139.

Nanotech transformation and the squad[]

Between 2078 and 2080, Tangier is one of the 2,000 volunteers for Chancellor Victor Sopot's super soldier project. Nano-processing procedures are modified to enhance subject's stealth abilities. Service files noted more understanding of technology than people. Post-processing, Tangier continues to demonstrate a stable psychology, but she has become extremely extroverted. One tester noted that she attempted to manipulate Alias using flirtation and sexual innuendo. Quill even states to Alias, "You're pathetic, I never understood what Tangier saw in you anyway."

Eventually, Tangier, along with her fellow subjects, are ordered destroyed. But she, along with five more subjects, escape and united as a squad of six.

Rebellion of the Commonwealth[]

During the rebellion, Tangier is part of the attack on the Public Information Building. She assists the squad by bypassing many of the building's security systems.

Hunting Sopot[]

She along with her teammates infiltrated in the Public Information Building are Sopot is doing a speech to the citizens. When waiting for Alias, Tangier has a lot of arguments with her other squad members, specially Quill, about the Red Faction's help in the mission where they saw them more like a hinder, she approve their cooperation.

Finally when she meets Alias in the Admin Area, where she talks to him in an extroverted way, before open the main doors and starts shooting the security guards.


  • Her name and profession make a reference to the Moroccan City of Tangier, better know to be a center of international spy activity between the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Her weapon of choice is the CSMG-19 Silenced Machine Gun. Only in the Citadel she will see carry a CSP-19 Semi-automatic Pistol and later in the cutscene she will use CMG-32 Submachine Gun threatening Molov.
  • She is the only character to use knife against the enemies, but only in the cutscenes, she can't do it in the gameplay.