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Manual entry for S.A.M[]

Manual entry for S.A.M

The situational awareness module, an Artificial Intelligence known as S.A.M. was designed and constructed by Samanya Mason as a fail-safe for the Nano Forge. Utilising scanners and a super processor, its CPU fits into the palm of a hand, though it usually resides within a stucture crafted by Darius Mason to wear on his wrist. S.A.M aids Mason by giving advice, by calculating odds of survival for different routes, and being a "second brain" that looks after the safety of Mason and thus the safety of the Nano Forge.

Though not strictly "Sentient" or emotional, Mason swears that S.A.M's deadpan delivery of the facts is laced with sarcasm. The A.I was designed with this in mind, however: to maintain a calm, rational thought process during a firefight.

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