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Marauder Presence in Oasis?[]

Given the frequent Marauder raids on the EDF checkpoint to the south at the checkpoint on the border with the Badlands, it shows that the Marauders had a significant interest in this particular area and most likely in taking out the ARK Reactor facility.

This would go some way to accounting for the unsual presence in the Oasis Sector. Evidently after victorying in Mariner Valley, they were keen to start pushing out into EDF/civilized territory. This is after all a very offensive action.

It would also be a panick factor for the EDF and could perhaps account for their harsh attitude towards Martian rebellion - aside from the obvious **** going down on Earth like nuclear meltdowns and flooding of major population centres. The EDF were undoubtedly in a very tricky position. Hopefully the White Faction in Origins will give us a much cleared picture of EDF motives back during this time peroid. MeinCookie 10:42, June 4, 2011 (UTC)