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Sub Exterior.jpg
Faction Ultor Corporation
Type Armed Submersible
Location Mars
Weapons 2 torpedo launchers
Seats 1

The ULT-375C Submersible is an naval vehicle that appears in Red Faction.

During the First Martian Revolution, Parker used one of these vehicles to reach the Ultor Underwater Research Facility. Prior to the Uprising, the Red Faction was known to posses at least one Submersible which it used to train Miners basic vehicle control and combat.


Ascetically the Submarine shares a similar design to the Aesir Fighter. Such as the bubble cab and red lights over the hull. The vehicle has four mounted spotlights in the cab's frames, skids to store in land and two rear propellers for propulsion.

Presumably this craft is also used for the transportation of Ultor personnel as it seems to be the only mode of transport between Ultor's Geothermal plant and Underwater Research Facility on Mars.

Combat and perfomance[]

Since the vehicle is a submersible, is relatively easy to pilot. However, it can react rather sensitively. The use of a bubble cab allows the pilot to see everything in front meaning the pilot can quickly see and identify threats visually.

As an Ultor combat vessel, Submersibles are fitted with duel guided Torpedo launchers, typically used as a countermeasure to fight Sonar Whales or aquatic intruders. Only a single Torpedo can be launched at a time roughly every 4-5 seconds with the trigger held down.


The vehicle is succeeded by S-271 Stealth Submarine.