Red Faction Wiki
Died 2150
Madler Crater, Mars
Affiliation Earth Defence Force
White Faction
Appears in Red Faction: Origins
Portrayed by Tamer Hassan

Stroller is the secondary antagonist of Red Faction: Origins, a highly placed officer in the White Faction during their bid for power and a mentor of Adam Hale. He is personally involved in the kidnapping of Lyra Mason and the murdering of Samanya, though not before she lodged a knife in his right eye forcing him to wear an eye-patch.

An outbreak of influenza makes it necessary for the White Faction to kidnap children from among the rest of Martian society to stave off collapse, and so Lyra is raised as one of them inside the Madler Crater.

Stroller is killed by Lyra with an help from Jake when he attempted to murder her with his knife after she regained her memory of her childhood being destroyed by the White Faction.