Red Faction Wiki
Faction Marauders
Type Semi-Automatic Rifle
Power Medium
Rate of Fire Semi-Automatic
Clip/Ammo 20/100
Fire Semi-Automatic

The Spiker is a weapon akin to a semi-automatic rifle and is used by the Marauders in Mariner Valley. It has a quad bayonet at the front for melee and fires hard-hitting lethal long-range spikes with formidable accuracy. It also has a large magazine and overall ammo and can be fired very quickly if pressed.

Traditionally, the Marauders seem to prefer to get in close and engage the enemy at short range and their weaponry reflects this. Prominence of such weapons as the Shotgun, Impaler and Gutter are testimony to this. The Spiker, despite its melee bayonets, is an excellent ranged weapon and the exception.

The Spiker, while not the same weapon, is similar in concept and design to the Harpoon Turret also employed by Marauders. This is used on vehicles such as the Chomper, a dune-buggy present in Mariner Valley, and the Raider.


This weapon appears to be a modified Rail Driver , the dual cylinders can be seen on the spiker as can the muzzle, barrel, and the front site post. 

if one studies the Rail Driver and the spiker they will notice many similarities.

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