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Sopot Special Forces was Sopot's personal army that undertook the most covert and dangerous missions. Sopot utilized the SSF to infiltrate a base to steal the nano-cell which he will then use to create his own Super Soldiers that are Nano0-enhanced. Later on, Sopot feared that these Super Soldiers would ursurp him and ordered them to be hunted down. The SSF undertook this job and were very effective, killing all but 6 Super Soldiers. They were also tasked with being Sopot's bodyguards as seen in the Public Information Building level. They were later phased out in favor of a Nano-Enhanced army when Molov took over the Commonwealth.

SSF Members[]

Alias Burke was a prominent member of the SSF. He is the protagonist of RFII and was responsible for setting the events of the second game into motion by stealing the nano-cell for Sopot. He volunteered for the Super Soldier project and became a Nano-Enhanced soldier. After Sopot declared the Super Soldiers as enemies of the Commonwealth. Alias fled along with other survivors. (Molov, Repta, Quill, Tangier and Shrike.)

Shrike was a commanding officer of the SSF as shown in the first level of the second game where he, Alias and other SSF soldiers had to steal the nano-cell. He is also an SSF pilot as he flew his own gunship.