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Sopot Security Forces are the primary security measure used by the Commonwealth to protect various infrastructure. During the attack on the Public Information Builidng the the security forces were the first line of defense against Crate Molov and his team of nano-augmented soldiers.


The security forces are the first line of defense against any attack on Commonwelath infrastructure such as: Propaganda Buildings, Transport Hubs, etc. There are various type of security troops used by the Commonwealth, but the most common type of security guards wear grey outfit with blue coloured armor around the waist and shoulder area. The Skeeter security troops are a step-up from the regular security troops with the same outfit only differances beign that the Skeeter troops uniform coloured differently and their armor offers a bit more protection. The rarest type of security guard type are the Fodder cops. They wear white coloured uniform with a dark grey kevlar vest and yellow riot helmets.

Weapons and tactics[]

Security troops are easy to fight. They lack the training and skill to properly engage the player. Unlike other units, security troops often back-up and retreat for a safe positsion and rarely engage the player directly. Despite beign outgunned against the player they often try to overwhelm the player with thier numbers. Their weaponary mostly made up from light weapons such as the CSP-19 Pistol, CMP-32 Machine Pistol and the CSMG-19 Silenced Machine Gun but some units are equipped with heavier weaponary like the Grenade Launcher or the CAS-14 Shotgun. Security guards often can be seen dual wielding their pistols and machine pistols to make up their firepower.