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Sopot City Police force were the primary law enforcement unit used by the Commonwealth. After the fall of Sopot the organisation is disbanded.


The city police units were the primary law enforcement units before and during the Commonwealth Civil War. They were deployed as the primary crime prevention unit but they're often used as security guards in various places like: transport hubs or office complexes. They can be easily distinguished by their blue uniforms which serve little protection against bullets. Police units can be first seen during the chapter: Shrike's wild ride where they defend Chancellor Sopot inside an office complex. Later they can be seen in the underground chapter where they serve as the search party after Shrike's gunship crashed. The last time they can be encountered is in the subway station where they along with Fodder cops are trying to prevent Alias to rejoin his squad.

Weapons and tactics[]

Police units, named as Tazer Toms, are identical to the security guards in terms of gameplay. They have low health and can be easily killed. Their kevlar vest offers them minimal protection against bullets and they don't wear any additional armor. As for weapons they primarly use light weapons like the CSP-19 Pistol and CMP-32 Machine Pistol but they can be seen using the CAS-14 Shotgun later on. In Shrike's wild ride however these units are equipped with much powerfull weaponary like the W.A.S.P Rocket Launcher and the CSR-60 Sniper Rifle. The police force also have access to AHC-36 Gunships which painted in dark blue and has "Police" markings on it, however the pilots of the gunship are less skilled than the military pilots. They can be often seen crashing their gunships into building when under pressure.