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A sonar whale underwater.

Sonar Whales are aquatic nanotech-mutated creatures found in the Martian waters.


Not much is known about Sonar Whales, other than the fact that several of them had gotten loose and infested the icy Martian waters.

Sonar Whales will shoot sonic pulse blasts out of their mouths at their foes. These blasts are very fast and are highly damaging to anyone or anything that they hit.


The first encounter with a Sonar Whale is when the player is heading to the underwater research center. Later, many more Sonar Whales are encountered in the underwater caves while pursuing Capek.

Sonar Whales have 200 health points.

The Sonar Whale's bluish coloration causes them to blend in with the background, making it difficult to see them, and they may start to attack the player without them knowing where they are while their sonic blasts will bypass your armor and seriously damage your health.


If you're in a submarine, a Sonar Whale can easily be dispatched with one or two torpedoes. If you're not in a submarine, then you'll have to rely on the pistol, the only firearm that works underwater. When encountering a Sonar Whale without a submarine, shoot them while swimming around to dodge the sonic blasts.

While the riot shield, control baton, grenade, and remote charge can be used underwater as well, it's best not to use them when combating a Sonar Whale, as you will have to get closer to it, and it's sonic blasts are unavoidable at close range.


  • Sonar Whales are the first mutant enemy the player encounters in Red Faction.