RFG sledgehammer
Faction Red Faction
Type Melee
Power High
Range Low
Rate of Fire Low/Medium

The Sledgehammer is a versatile, non-threatening mining tool used by miners and workers in the Tharsis Region of Mars. It was later used as a weapon by the Red Faction. Powered by a Mass-Multiplier Servo, it delivers a thousand pounds of kinetic force. With enough force to crush a skull, rib, or limb, this hammer can thin crowds of EDF with ease.


The Sledgehammer is Mason's default weapon and it will always be in his first weapon slot. It is very useful when bringing down buildings, mining Ores and breaking apart wrecked vehicles without drawing the attention of the EDF. It is also an extremely powerful melee weapon, capable of killing most EDF soldiers in one hit. The Sledgehammers primary attack is a fast side-swing while it's secondary attack is a more powerful ground slam. While less effective than the Gutter or the Impaler in terms of melee capabilities, it's fast attack speed and the fact that Mason will always carry it make it a better choice.


The Stonebreaker and Shattermaster are the other two variants of the Sledgehammer. They are stronger and have a different design. While these take the place of Mason's average hammer, you can always switch back between variants via visiting Samanya. It is advisable not to, because that would mean a waste in Salvage.


Various kinds of Sledgehammers can be unlocked in Multiplayer, including the Stonebreaker and Shattermaster. You can unlock the hammer skins by advancing through the 125 ranks. The final hammer variant, the Ostrich Hammer is unlocked at 120,000 XP, being unlocked at rank 124. In the Re-Mars-tered edition of the game, all of these Sledgehammers are available in single player, acquired by purchasing them for varying ammounts of salvage at the upgrade table, upon completion of the single player game. This holds true for any new games created after having a save file of a completed game, much like the Reconstructor.


  • A version of the hammer called "Goldbreaker" can be unlocked by typing in the cheat code "HARDHITTER" at the extras menu which is in options at the main menu.
  • Sometimes, Red Faction reinforcements in Parker and Dust will have 2-3 miners, armed with the hammers. They rarely use it, however, mostly hiding and then making a quick run to any gun they can obtain.
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