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Lt.Slagle RFA.JPG
Rank Marauder
Weapon Assault Rifle
Born Before 2175
Appears in Red Faction: Armageddon

Slagle is a lieutenant for the marauder militia during the Plague Armageddon in 2175.


Lieutenant Slagle took part in the defense of the marauder settlement. With a squad of marauders he was escorting a marauder buggy from the plauge when Darius arrived to give them a help. Slagle was and his men successfully escaped from the plauge. Later he is seen in a briefing room along with Darius,Kara and Winters where he tells them that the boat, which they want to use to get to the Queen, requires two people to operate. While Winters and Darius took the boat. Slagle and his men provided support for Kara while she took a marauder walker in preparation for a direct of Assault of Central Hive Mind.