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Skirmish at the Terraformer
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Darius at the Terraformer after riding one of it tentacles from beneath the infestation caves.

Sides Red Faction

The Plague

Leaders Red Faction:

The Plague:

Location Tharsis, Mars
Forces The Plague

Red Faction

Outcome Red Faction Decisive Victory.
  • Plague Aliens Starting to Perished as they breathe the Man-Made Atmosphere right after Darius have reconstructed the whole Terraformer.
  • Queen probably retreated back into deeper underground, avoid the Pure air, that killed her.
  • End of Plague Armageddon.

Skirmish at the Terraformer is the final Confrontation against the Plague during in Plague Armageddon, considering to be second battle inside the Terraformer, right after Darius have barley damage the Queen and ride one of her Tentacles to the surface for fully repairing the Whole Terraformer, When his Awareness have analysing completely as those aliens can't survive the Man-Made Atmosphere. Thus wasting no time and went up to that places and putting all the pieces together and end this nightmare once and for all.

After confronting The Queen[]

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Reactivating the control system inside[]

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Countdown of rebooting the Tower[]

Terraformer activated after the system inside had rebooted.

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Sunlight view at Mars over the Terraformer after the plague had eradicated.

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