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Red Faction Shotgun
Faction Red Faction
Type Shotgun
Location Mars

The Red Faction Shotgun is a Red Faction weapon in circulation about the time of the Plague Armageddon.


When designed by the miner state, it is not based off the more recent EDF Peacekeeper automatic shotgun-design, but rather modelled around an older Ultor Corporation one in the UAS-10  and the CAS-14 from the Earth Uprising.

It functions as a classical semi-automatic pump-action design with a small clip. It is only effective against enemies that are close to Darius, even at medium-close range the shotgun's dispersion makes it do negligible damage.


This weapon is very useful against almost every foes that you encounter with additional using the ability of Shockwave make it very lethal in close up against extremely high health enemies.