Red Faction Wiki
Battle of Dust
Sides Earth Defence Force

Red Faction

Leaders EDF - Bertram Roth

RF - Hugo Davies, Alec Mason
M - Vasha

Location Town of Dust, Dust, Tharsis
Outcome Dust Sector Liberated.

The Shelling of Dust is the withdrawal strategic tactic of EDF to frame Red Faction by firing the artillery from Free Fire Zone.


Upon being forced to pull out of the Dust Sector, the Earth Defence Force turn the massive artillery emplacements stationed in the Free Fire Zone on the Town of Dust. They shell the town, completely regardless of non-combatants.

Although Red Faction support within the sector ran deep, the Battle of Dust swaying the affections of much of the miner populous and the actions of the military including Capt. Halvar Gunnarsen - this can still be cited as a clear example of war crimes on the behalf of the EDF - though their later propaganda would claim they evacuated all civilians.

The Marauders opportunistically use the bombardment as cover to launch a raid against the town, showing up well-armed and in numbers.