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Sentry Turret
Turret RF1.JPG
Faction Ultor Corporation
Mercenary Regiment
Type Turret
Location Mars
Power High
Range Moderate to long
Rate of Fire Fast
Special Automated target engage
Clip/Ammo 7.62x51mm
Impact Grenade
Fire Full auto
Semi automatic

The Sentry Turret is a stationary machine gun/grenade launcher used by the Ultor Corporation and Masako's Mercenary Regiment during the First Martian Revolution.


The sentry turret is a stationary weapon, rarely encountered in-game. The turret has two variants. The first and more common variant fires machine gun rounds at a rapid succession. The second variant fires grenades, which are detonated on impact making it much more dangerous than it's machine gun variant. These turrets can function without a person operating it, by simply enabling the automated mode.Then the turret automatically engage any unauthorized person entering the turret's firing range. It is why Ultor deployed these turrets during the revolution to lock down certain areas where the guard numbers were severe.