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Salvage is the currency of Red Faction: Guerrilla. Salvage is an important resource for Red Faction, and is used for everything from creating weapons to bartering with black marketeers.


"On Mars, scrap is like gold."

-Dan Mason explains to his brother Alec about the importance of salvage.

Salvage is a currency used to upgrade and unlock new weapons such as the Nano Rifle and the Rocket Launcher. Salvage is also the main resource gathered by members of the Red Faction in Red Faction: Guerrilla, and is used to fuel their war effort against the Earth Defense Force. Given the grass-roots nature of the Red Faction, they do not have the same resource base or supply lines as the EDF, thus, they must make do with what they have, improvising weapons from mining equipment, cobbling together EDF arms and equipment, and using every bit of creativity at their disposal to arm themselves. Salvage forms an important part of this process, as with the right materials, Red Faction engineers like Samanya can construct just about anything they need. Players are advised to hunt for salvage often and gain as much as possible, so as to afford better weapons and upgrades.

Salvage can be collected several different ways. First, destroyed buildings and vehicles leave Salvage in their wreckage, which the player can then pick up. Ore Deposits also yield Salvage when destroyed, and are fairly plentiful across Mars. Finally, when completing story missions in game, the player will be granted some extra salvage, a fixed sum for completing the mission, and a variable bonus dependent on the Morale rating in the sector. Thus, keeping Morale high gives an added benefit besides additional ammo crates and other support.

Red Faction: Armageddon[]

In RF:A salvage is a pick-up item used for upgrades and cheats.

Salvage comes in three forms:

  • Large Salvage - this type comes in increasing sizes throughout the single-player game, starting out at 30 units in earlier levels and increasing to 60 units in later levels. They are scattered throughout single-player levels.
  • Small Salvage - this type comes from destroyed buildings and is usually worth 3 to 6 units.
  • Enemy Kill Salvage - with the relevant upgrade, killing an enemy awards salvage, from 1 to 10 units.