Red Faction Wiki
SOP-MA1 Battle Armor
Mech Power Suit Concept Art
Faction Commonwealth
Red Faction
Nanotech Enhanced Forces
Type Walker
Purpose Armor support
Location Earth
Weapons Mini-Guns
Incendiary grenade

The SOP-MA1 Battle Armor is a Mech Battle suit used by the Commonwealth during the Commonwealth Civil War in Red Faction II.


Designed to complement Sopot's Nanotechnology experiments, the Battle Armor was created to provide Sopot's Super-soldiers with a fully controllable and nearly unstoppable personal combat system. Armed with dual Mini-Guns (Hyper SOP-9XF), these suits are able deliver armor piercing shells as well as high explosive rockets and incendiary rounds fired from each shoulder mounted pod. These highly mobile battle suits are equally devastating to both ground forces and armored units.


When the player seeks out this walker, it's the best to use only explosives or rockets to destroy it and keep running while shooting, another best way to deal with it to throw a Shock Grenade that will temporarily disable for a few minute to land a few shot, before it get back up again. However when using other powerful vehicles such as gunships or tanks, the Battle Armor can be easily destroyed as well depending on how much health and power has the Battle Armor itself.


  • This type of Walker is probably inspiration from the 80's movies.