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S.A.M stands for Situational Awareness Module is an advanced A.I and the tritagonist in Red Faction: Armageddon. It serves as a guide for Darius Mason providing him with route details, status of enemies, contacting allies and control of the nano-forge.

S.A.M itself is built into the Nano forge worn on Darius Mason's Wrist.

While an advanced artificial intelligence S.A.M does not seem to understand some metaphors and often interprets things literally. It can however seem slightly sarcastic at times.

S.A.M also monitors Darius's psychical condition, commenting on the fact he has a concussion, that there are toxins in his blood stream and an increased heart rate at different points during the game.

S.A.M in game play[]

For the most part Manual entry for S.A.M provides warning about upcoming enemies and route info. One mission involves finding a upgrade for S.A.M so it can reconstruct a badly damaged recording. S.A.M follows orders but sometimes acts on its own initiative, such as trying to contact allies before Mason requests it.