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Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher (Armageddon).jpeg
Faction Red Faction
Type RPG
Location Mars

The Rocket Launcher is a Rocket-propelled grenade appeared in the Red Faction: Armageddon. Itself is considering to be one of the most latest design of the weapons. Which it is now have an auto-locking system rather then waiting to sense for seeking the target like the old model for upgrading to do so and carrying even more ammunition before.


  • It is considered to be the best weapon to destroying a swarm of plague and couple of Cultists in couple of second alongside with the Plasma Cannon it deal heavy splash damage after contact. Be careful, not to use it in close range. Otherwise, getting hurt and in a result of death especially on a highest difficulties.


  • Like all the game in the franchise, it is always highly destructive that destroy anything in front after explode.

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