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Richard Gryphon
Gryphon RF1.JPG
Affiliation Ultor Corporation
Red Faction
Appears in Red Faction
Voiced by B.J. Jones

Richard P. Gryphon is the deputy chief administrator of the Ultor Corporation on Mars when the First Martian Revolution struck.

Gryphon is promoted to his position after the previous Administrator became a subject in the experiments of Ultor's head scientist, Axel Capek, and is quickly intimidated into following his line. Despite his position second in seniority in the Ultor chain-of-command on Mars, he holds little sway over Colonel Masako and most definitely isn't using his power around Capek.

He is glad to give himself up to Parker, a member of the Red Faction rebels, looking for any chance to escape the tricky position he is in, but Parker isn't quite so glad to have him along. After the Battle at the Ultor Waste Processing Facility, Parker hands Gyphon over to Orion for questioning about Capek and the Mutant Plague.


Gryphon attended business school before entering the workforce, working in multiple different offices and departments for various companies before accepting a job offer at Ultor to be the Deputy Administrator of their Mars complex. He believed it would be a great job, mainly due to it being the highest position he's held.

On the cruise to Mars, Gryphon realized numerous discrepancies in Ultor's personnel reports, mainly the fact that there appeared to be too many scientists who didn't have any official positions or job titles and the fact that several hundred miners would arrive to Mars every month but the miner population numbers never changed due to dozens of miners a week being pulled off the shift rosters due to "illness."

Upon arriving on Mars, he asked Administrator Davis about the issue with the miner population and was told to leave it alone. He then went to see Capek, who happily told him everything that was going on (likely to scare Gryphon out of putting a stop to any illegal activities being conducted at the complex).[1]

Gryphon was also involved in the founding of the Red Faction as a sports team in a proposal of an inter-barracks athletics competition for the miners by Eos. Despite her reservations of having to get Ultor's permission to start the sports team, Gryphon was quite eager to greenlight it as a 'morale booster', perhaps showing his eagerness to undermine Ultor.


  • In Saints Row 2, another game by Volition that takes place in the same gaming universe, there is a character called Eric Gryphon, who was the Head of Projects and CEO of the Ultor Corporation.
  • It is possible, in exec land in the admin building, for Gryphon to become invincible. Once reaching the last room before the loading screen - the room where you get the envirosuit, Gryphon becomes invincible. If you return to exec land you can shoot Gryphon as much as you want, or use him as a shield for all he will do is bleed without taking damage.
  • In Red Faction: Guerilla, Parker mentions that he misses all his old companions who have since died - even Gryphon.