Red Rock Trading Post
Location Parker, Tharsis, Mars
Function Shopping Precinct
Construction/Materials Very rundown, created basically from scrap.

The Red Rock Trading Post was the main shopping precinct in the Parker sector around the time of the Second Martian Revolution, as well as perhaps the most notable civilian venue in the sector. It had several stores including the Red Rooster Bar & Saloon and a Parker Hardware. It is also the most crowded area in Town of Parker.

During the Battle of Parker it was raided by the EDF, as it had worked as a pocket of resistance for the miners. The raid was repelled by the Red Faction, and the trading post effectively turned into a liberated zone. When the EDF eventually pulled out of Parker, the loudspeakers started to spread Red Faction propaganda instead of EDF regulations.

The trading post was abandoned when the surface had to be evacuated when the terraformer was destroyed during the Cultist War. It might however be assumed that people returned to the once so popular gathering place when the surface became inhabitable again a few years later.

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