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Randy Jenkins
Died 2125
Tharsis, Mars
Affiliation Red Faction
Earth Defense Force

"Wanna get some ice cream ?"

--Randy Jenkins to Alec Mason

Randy Jenkins (unknown - 2125) is the hidden tertiary antagonist of Red Faction: Guerrilla (as he betrays them, resulting in their main base of operations being destroyed), and a mentally unstable madman with loose affiliations to the Red Faction insurgency during the Second Martian Revolution. Jenkins emigrates to Mars using false documents and is wanted by Hong Kong authorities on terrorism charges.

He often goes on a rampage through sectors of Tharsis against Earth Defense Force structures and forces in a modified Marauder Jetter, complete with a rear swivel turret equipped with some heavy duty firepower - a rocket launcher turret and an EDF-issue heavy machine gun. He glories in destruction and violence more than any cause, and turns out to be more of a hindrance than a help to the guerrilla movement.

He is revealed to be an informant for the EDF, much to the shock of Alec and Sam. While Alec chases him, he keeps saying that Mars has to be cleansed. His betrayal is for the sole purpose of killing and destroying as much as possible. This encounter usually happens after completing the campaign.


  • Jenkins can be seen at the Badlands Safehouse or the one in Southern Eos.
  • It is possible that he is named after Ryan Jenkins, one of the Design Team members.
  • He is commonly compared to Shrike, since they both drive vehicles, with the protagonists riding as the gunners, and they leave a large path of destruction in their wake.
  • Even after killing Jenkins, it is possible to perform Collateral Damage missions with him still at the helm of his Jetter. Doing so will replace Jenkins' usual running monologue with a rather unsettling one where he rationalizes his decision to give the Safehouse location to the EDF, says he bears no ill will towards Alec for killing him, and subsequently tells Alec he'll see him again soon.