Red Faction Wiki
Faction Marauders
Type Fast Attack Vehicle
Purpose Transport and Combat
Location Tharsis, Mars
Weapons 1x Harpoon Turret
Seats 3
Speed Fast

The Raider is one of the two Marauder vehicles that appear throughout the Badlands during the second Red Faction uprising.


It has a wide platform, and is capable of seating three people and is armed with a Harpoon Turret. It is characterized by 2 very large rear wheels, and is good at traversing steep hills. The mounted turret is on the left "wing", having only a 180 degree field of fire.

There are two barrels on the right wing, likely to counter-balance the turret. Of considerable note is the ability to retain good speed when using the handbrake. The large back wheels will stop, but the forward wheels will continue supplying momentum to the vehicle.