Red Faction Wiki
Raid on the Oasis EDF Barracks
Sides Earth Defence Force

Red Faction

Leaders Red Faction:
Location Oasis EDF Barracks, Oasis Sector, Mars
Outcome Red Faction Victory. EDF forces and compound destroyed. Marauders dead.

The Raid on the Oasis EDF Barracks is an attack on an Earth Defence Force facility in the sector of Oasis, the Oasis EDF Barracks, by separate and hostile forces of the Red Faction and Marauders.


The action takes place in the Battle of Oasis during the Second Martian Revolution, and results in the death of all EDF personnel present and the destruction of a greater part of the site.

The engagement commences when a large Red Faction insurgent force assaults the facilities well-defended front entrance. The EDF reinforcements then arrive behind the Red Faction force, entrapping them. They are dealt with, but upon the Red Faction pushing forward into the compound towards the barracks proper another force belonging to Marauders materialise. They blast through the walls towards the rear of the facility, setting off a chain of explosions with the destruction of several fuel tanks and overrunning the hapless EDF from behind. The battle is then settled by what remains of the Red Faction.

The Marauder surprise attack, not only designed to catch both forces unawares, is evidently much better planned than the Red Faction assault.