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Raid on the EDF Central Command
Sides Marauders

Earth Defence Force
Red Faction

Location EDF Central Command, Eos, Mars
Outcome Decisive Red Faction and Marauder Victory.
  • General Bertram Roth Escape
  • Eos Liberated
  • Battle of Mount Vogel begins.

The Raid on the EDF Central Command is a joint operation in the Second Martian Revolution between the Red Faction insurgency and the Marauder nation against the Martian headquarters of the Earth Defence Force.


The raid results in the destruction of the EDF Central Command in northern Eos and marks the end of the Battle of Eos. Despite the unexpected nature of this attack after he has declared 'total victory' over the Red Faction after the Raid on the Badlands Safehouse, the leader of EDF on Mars, General Bertram Roth, manages to avoid capture and isn't present when his war rooms themselves are destroyed forcing him to evacuate the base and the remaining EDF forces by moving to Mount Vogel located northern-east of Eos hiding in the mountain.

The engagement begins when the Red Faction operative, Alec Mason, penetrates the base's shield and destroys it, opening the way for the combined assault taking down the entire structures into ruins.