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Raid on the Badlands Safehouse
EDF Bombers3 2.png
Sides Earth Defence Force

Red Faction

Leaders EDF:

General Bertram Roth
Commander Hugo Davies

Location The Badlands, Tharsis, Mars
Outcome Earth Defence Force Victory. Red Faction Cripple & Commander Dead.

The Raid on the Badlands Safehouse is a major engagement towards the end of the Second Red Faction Uprising which crippled the Red Faction and significantly turns the tide in favour of the Earth Defence Force to such a degree that General Bertram Roth claims 'total victory' over the insurgency.


The Red Faction have been readying to push on the EDF Central Command and force their enemy from their capital sector of Eos, ending the Battle for Eos and possibly the entire conflict. When the EDF struck the Badlands safehouse with overwhelming firepower, numbers and with devastating surprise. EDF Bombers fly overhead dropping a carpet of bombs. Infantry then flood the base, supported by EDF Flyers in the air above. Many key members of the movement perish in the fighting including the Red Faction commander, Hugo Davies, as well as top operatives such as Jon Kepler and Carmen Avila.

The Earth Defence Force is tipped off the location of the Badlands Safehouse by Randy Jenkins, a loose cannon and nutter who associated himself with the Red Faction to feed his extremely violent tendencies.

The action might well have ended in the EDF's total victory if it wasn't for Samanya's ties with the Marauders which allows the Red Faction to continue the war effort.