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Proximity Mines
RFG proximitymine.jpg
Faction Red Faction
Type Explosives
Power High
Range Low
Rate of Fire Low
Special Explode on contact

Proximity Mines were explosives used by the Red Faction during the Second Martian Revolution. It designed and constructed from scrap by the engineering genius Samanya.


The Proximity Mines work pretty much like the way you would expect, once placed on ground they blow up if anything gets too close usually blowing up that thing at the same time.

Ideal for attacking Convoys and defending against EDF Assaults, the Proximity Mines would very much have become something the EDF feared.

After purchasing the "smart mines" upgrade, proximity mines will only explode on contact with EDF vehicles and personel allowing ellaborate ambushes to be set on busy roads without direct civilian casualties. Resulting explosions may still damage civilian vehicles and civilians wandering around though so it would be wise to exercise some caution with placement.

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