Ultor Propaganda from the First Martian Revolution.

Groups Ultor Corporation

Earth Defence Force
Red Faction

Institutions Voice of Mars
Notable Uses First Martian Revolution

Second Martian Revolution

Propaganda is material produced and distributed, by whatever medium, with the intent of affecting the mind-set, pysche and beliefs of those around or beneath the creator and distribuitor. It has been a powerful influence on Mars society since the planet was colonized by the Ultor Corporation in 2050.

The Earth Defence Force and the Martian Council used it just as much after the First Martian Revolution swept Ultor from power in 2075. The EDF used it in many forms, from billboards to propaganda laiden news, up until they too were ousted from power in the Second Martian Revolution.

It is unknown to what degree the Red Faction and Marauder states that set themselves up in 2125 used propaganda throughout their respective reigns, but in the immediate aftermath the Faction most certainly used it through broadcasts and public announcements to cement their position and convince remnants of the Earth Defence Force to surrender.


PropPoster 01

EDF Propaganda vilifying Ultor, their predecessor.

Propaganda has been used by almost every single power on Mars to control their people, rally support to their cause and vilify their enemies.

Propaganda under UltorEdit

The Ultor Corporation cared a lot about its public image, an integral part of the corporate world and all the more so when trying to attract workers to live and work on another planet.

They covered their facilities with posters advertising the corporation.

Unfortunately, between their obsession with profit margins and head scientist Axel Capek scaring the rest of company's Martian adminisration into his line, the propaganda proved wholy false.

Propaganda under the EDFEdit

PropPoster 03

EDF Propaganda

When the Earth Defence Force took over Mars, they took posters and turned them into billboards. They filled the news with propaganda and spin through the Voice of Mars and the outlets. They built monuments like the EDF War Memorial, the Eos Memorial Bridge and Hendrix Hall.

If the Ultor Corporation were skilled at propaganda, then the EDF became masters.

Despite this, it wasn't enough to keep them in, as they were faced with the dual threats of the insurgency and resurgent forces of Ultor in the form of the Marauders.

Propaganda under the Red FactionEdit

After liberating and taking control of Martian sectors during the Second Martian Revolution, the Red Faction put ousted Earth Defense Force public address systems to their own use. Recorded messages from their commander, Hugo Davies, and Samanya played regularly.

By the time of the White Faction Crisis, 25 years later in 2050, the colonist state in Eos was well established. Some propaganda was evident and commemorations of victory over the EDF are also propaganda in their own way.


There are 50 Propaganda Billboards to be found throughout Red Faction: Guerrilla. They all carry the message "EDF is good, Red Faction is bad", to try and make the people of Mars turn against the Red Faction. Their destruction earns an achievement