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Plasma Cannon
Faction Red Faction
Type Energy Weaponry
Location Mars

The Phased Plasma Cannon is a powerful, slightly unwieldy weapon developed by the Red Faction on Mars for demolitions, assault and anti-armour roles prior to the Plague Armageddon. It is a major leap forward in the viability of Plasma weapons technology and resulted in the generation of Red Faction military hardware including the Plasma Beam and Plasma Thrower from other family.


The Plasma Cannon fires a shot that does a lot of damage and has a very wide blast radius, one of the largest of any weapon Darius can carry. The blast radius is large enough to destroy small structures in one or two hits. Its use is very straightforward: Aim and fire it at anything, and it will destroy/severely damage the target and anything around the target. Although there is a slight delay before firing. Obviously its wide radius makes it dangerous to use at close range, and its ammunition is very limited so shots should be used wisely. For demolitions it is one of the most useful weapons available since it can destroy structures very quickly.


  • When Red Faction: Armageddon is beaten for the first time around, the Convergence Laser can be unlocked for 8,000 salvage with the Plasma Cannon skin.