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Dual Wield Pistols
RFA pistol.jpg
Faction Red Faction
Type Pistols
Location Mars

The Pistol is a light sidearm, usually dual wielded, used by the Red Faction, and based off the original EDF Pistol from the Second Martian Revolution.


These weapons have are very accurate, fire quickly, have a large magazine, but do little damage per shot. They are good at long range combat, particularly picking off enemies that are in the open to take advantage of their high fire rate.

Their lack of use for destroying structures limit their versatility. Darius can carry plenty of ammo for them, making them the epitome of a decent side arm, though their low firepower limits their usefulness for many roles.


  • The Dual Wield Pistols is the Akimbo weapon ever since after the Commonwealth Civil War.
  • In one of the loading screens, it is said that the Dual Pistols are the preffered sidearm for Kara . However this isn't true since she has an EDF Pistol holstered, and later used, in the cutscenes.