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Parker is one of the main residential and mining sectors of Tharsis, named after the hero of the First Martian Revolution, Parker. A small region between Dust and the Free Fire Zone, Parker is the game start location and the first liberated sector in Red Faction: Guerrilla,


Parker is founded by the Earth Defence Force soon after the downfall of the Ultor Corporation, named in honour of Parker, the protagonist of the first Red Faction game. Due to its relatively rich resources and small size, the sector gradually acquires a population of poor, working-class miners, Parker is Mariner Valley but fully colonized.

Decades later, faced with the depletion of Earth's resources and growing pressure from the many corporations controlling Mars, the EDF gradually increase their control over Parker, including seizing mining outposts, a sensor field east of the main sector, and the separation of northern Parker into the Free Fire Zone.

The reincarnated Red Faction, seeking to remain under the radar, set up their initial base of operations in northern Parker. However, after the EDF presence in the sector began to threaten security, the Red Faction abandon the base and built a new safehouse south of the previous base site.

By the time of the arrival of Alec Mason in 2125, the Red Faction has been crippled by an EDF clampdown of Parker and operates only out of a single safehouse. However, with Mason's assistance, the Faction is able to strike back at the EDF, destroying much of the sector's infrastructure and mining facilities. The previous base is demolished to cover their tracks, and an attempt to house a defecting EDF officer is made. Eventually, Parker is liberated when Mason destroys the sensor field as a diversion, allowing rebel convoys to enter Dust undisturbed and set up operations there.

Following the liberation of Mars, Parker becomes part of the new Colonist state, until its destruction in 2168 during the Cultist War and the destruction of the Terraformer.

Required Sector Missions[]


  • Along the roads leading out of the sector are signs made of metal scraps that commemorate the sector's namesake that state's, 'In honour of a man who chose not to live under a regime of oppression.
  • The tutorial occurs in an area of southern Parker that becomes inaccessible afterwards.
    • Southern Parker is completely unreachable in normal play, but the in-game map shows what appear to be roads, bridges and buildings around the area.