Red Faction Wiki
Region Tharsis
Towns Oasis Residential
Landmarks Oasis Town Hall, Terraformer
Inhabitants Colonists, EDF (ousted)
Industry Chemical Factory

Oasis is a sector in the Tharsis region of Mars. It lies to the north of the Badlands and to the east of Eos. It is the site of intensive terraforming work that transforms the surface of the planet after the First Martian Revolution.

It is selected as a test site with scientists in Eos and Oasis working to breed plants capable of life in the hostile Martian environment. As a result of the experiments specially adapted grass coated the open slopes of the sector. A variety of other plant life is also known to grow in Oasis.

As a result of the successful terraforming activities Oasis was a desirable place to live. It housed small estates in an area known as Oasis Residential.

Required Sector Missions[]