Red Faction Wiki
Died 2175
Affiliation Marauders (Archivist sub-group)

Noella is the keeper of the archivist chapel within the Marauder state. She discovers that Adam Hale is hacking into the old Ultor Corporation database that they Archivists maintained, specifically old data on Axel Capek's expedition in 2067 and the Plague. She is relieved after hearing that Hale had died in the Battle of the Terraformer, horrified at what could have been unleashed.

Nonetheless, she told no one and when the Cultist leader reemerges, it's too late. She dies at Hale's hands, shot with a Banshee pistol.

Afterwards, the data recording amulet around her neck was taken by Kara and Darius Mason. They have come to gain access to the archives, but with Noella dead that isn't an option. They do, however, find everything they need in her logs.