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Nestled Hills
Location Eos, Tharsis, Mars
Function Shopping + EDF Administrative Facility

Nestled Hills was a small commercial area directly north of the Utopia Planitia Plaza in the sector of Eos. It also continued further north, linked by a covered walkway, where two buildings formed an Earth Defense Force administrative facility, possibly commandeered civilian housing.

Businesses occupying the main larger area of the Nestled Hills include a Section 9 Clothing, a Kuroari Wholesale and a Blue Mars Grocery.


During the infamous Lockdown of Eos in the Second Martian Revolution, several EDF snipers took up residence in the higher levels of the stores in the Nestled Hills commercial section, firing down upon any civilians in the area. Their aim was force the hand of the civilians of the sector and starve them into the betrayal of the Red Faction.

A large EDF raid was also focused on the area.