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Napalm Laser
Faction Red Faction
Type Energy Weaponry
Location Mars

The Napalm Laser rifle is an unlockable weapon which becomes available after beating Red Faction: Armageddon, starting New Game Plus, and spending 10,000 salvage.


Arguably the most powerful weapon available to the player, the Napalm Laser has infinite ammo and deals a stream of powerful explosions to its target. The laser, when activated, shoots a steady beam for about 2-2.5 seconds that cannot be interrupted. The beam itself does negligible damage, however it leaves a wake of explosions that can kill most enemies in 1 hit on Casual to Hard difficulty. Insane mode and stronger enemies may take multiple direct strikes.

The weapon's only downside is a cooldown period of 3-4 seconds between firing. It can also be somewhat slow to use the zoom aiming, or pull the targeting beam vertically for high or low targets, depending on the sensitivity of the controller. The explosions will destroy everything in their vicinity with devastating force, and the cooldown is not prohibitively long, however it may be advisable to have the Fast Hands ability to switch to a quicker weapon for enemies that avoid the initial series of blasts on higher difficulties.


  • The Napalm Laser's design is based upon the appearance of the Plasma Beam.