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Nanotech Individual Combat Weapon
Faction Commonwealth
Type Automatic
Location Earth
Power Medium (Rifle), Medium-High (Grenade Launcher)
Range Medium-Long
Rate of Fire High (Rifle), Low-Medium (Grenade Launcher)
Special 40mm HV HE grenade
Clip/Ammo 48 (7.62mm rounds), 5 (40mm shells)

The Nanotech Individual Combat Weapon (also known as N.I.C.W. in short) is a hybrid weapon that combines an automatic rifle and a grenade launcher. It is only issued to Sopot's elite forces.


N.I.C.W. is a double weapon system, made of two sub-weapons: an underside battle rifle and an superposed grenade launcher. This hybrid weapon is capable of delivering powerful 7.62mm armor-piercing rounds in fearsome bursts, and can discharge 40mm grenades that explode on impact as an alternate means of fire. Both of the sub-weapons are automatic, long-ranged and accurate. In result, the N.I.C.W. is perhaps the most versatile weapon in the game, a good choice for most firefights. Practically, it a straight upgrade over the standard-issue CAR-72 Assault Rifle, even though the CAR-72 is arguably slightly more powerful than the N.I.C.W in terms damage of medium round weapons. The grenade launcher component also comes short of NGL-8's accuracy and rate of fire, but the rifle part of N.I.C.W. enables to engage is close-range firefights safely without the need to change weapons.

Equipped with a special targeting visor, the N.I.C.W. is able to identify and target enemies even from behind walls. A customized HUD-device visually relays information to the user about the targeted opponent's remaining health.

Because the N.I.C.W. is made of two distinct weapon modules and fed with two different ammo types, it is loaded with two magazines: 48 rounds magazine for the 7.62mm rifle, and 5 shells magazine for the 40mm grenade launcher. Keep in mind that when your N.I.C.W. has both of its magazines not fully loaded, you will always reload the rifle magazine first, and then you will need to reload again to refill the grenade launcher.

The N.I.C.W. is the main weapon of Molov, and also wielded by Repta on occasion. Within Commonwealth armed forces, it is used primarily by Sopot's most trusted, experienced and feared guards. As a Commonwealth soldier, Alias will also be armed with an early model of N.I.C.W. during the prologue mission. Afterwards, the player may acquire the gun again in the Ammo Dump level, taken from one of the defeated enemy soldiers. From this point onwards, the N.I.C.W. becomes an increasingly common weapon in the hands of Alias' foes.


  • The N.I.C.W is most likely inspired by the real-life counterpart: the XM29 O.I.C.W. (Objective Indvidual Combat Weapon) prototype weapon.
  • The N.I.C.W's HUD is not present in the prologue mission, nor in multiplayer.
  • Being an early iteration, the N.I.C.W has a different colour scheme and markings in the prologue mission.