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Samanya holding the Nano Forge.

The Nano Forge is a Nanotechnology device initially spawned by Axel Capek prior to his death in the First Red Faction Uprising. The device falls into the hands of his science team who flee from the victorious Red Faction and Earth Defense Force into the Martian caves. They emerge decades later in the Badlands, having morphed into a savage and feared warrior culture known as the Marauders. Despite the bloody pretense, they are still scientists and likely continue work on it among other old Ultor Corporation nanotechnology projects such as the Mount Vogel accelerator.[1]

In 2125, the Red Faction guerrilla Alec Mason obtains the Nano Forge from an old Ultor facility. With the device in the hands of the Red Faction, the Nano Forge is first used in combination with the Nano Rifle, a weapon which fires nanite projectiles which would eat away at whatever they hit. This barely tapped its potential, which perhaps begins to be realized at the end of the Second Martian Revolution when the mighty EDS Hydra is destroyed in an instant in a spectacular show of how fearsome the technology could be.[1]

By 2175, the Nano Forge has been passed on to Darius Mason, grandson of Alec Mason, who creates numerous upgrades for the device to use it during combat and to obliterate all kinds of matter. In Darius' hands, the device is primarily used during in the Plague Armageddon of confrontation against the Cultists and Plague.[2]

Functions of the Device in Red Faction: Armageddon[]