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NCMG-44 EMG Nano Pistol
Faction Red Faction
Type Automatic
Power Medium
Range Short to Medium
Rate of Fire High
Special Dual Wield
Clip/Ammo 64

The NCMG-44 EMG Nano Pistol (or Enhanced Machine Gun) is the Nanotech submachine gun used by Red Faction personnel during the later stages of Commonwealth Civil War (specifically, Alias and Shrike).


The NCMG-44 is an exotic machine gun model, combining many surprises in a compact package. Its biggest innovation compared to typical submachine guns is its ammunition. This gun uses full-size 7.62mm rifle cartridge (in contrast to the 9mm rounds used by the other pistol weapons), which give it a high power output and an armour-piercing capability. In effect, this is a micro autorifle in disguise of a submachine gun.

Despite this, the gun's recoil is relatively weak, making it comfortable to control. Moreover, the Enhanced Machine Gun can hold no less but 64 rounds in its (outwardly small) magazine, enabling to fire long volleys without running dry (and the reload itself is fast nevertheless). Being a super machine gun of sorts, the rate of fire of the EMG is also high. These advantages make the EMG an incredibly lethal weapon.

And if that were not enough, the EMG can (naturally) be dual-wielded. Two of these weapons offer a truly overwhelming amount of firepower, cutting down even such durable targets as Nano Elites or SOP-MA1 Battle Armor quickly.

However, nothing is perfect. The NCMG-44 is not the most accurate of weapons, being effective only at the close range (where it dominates other weapons, including the Shotgun and the HMG). Its appetite for ammo is also undeniably enormous - a full supply of ammo allows you only to make three reloads in total, which goes in a flash. But at least, your enemies will die at an accelerated pace as well, under the hail of EMG's bulletstorms.

The NCMG-44 is the last weapon acquired in the singleplayer campaign. You will stumble upon it during the second Repta battle. Do not worry, you cannot miss it, and it already comes in a pair as well. Shrike is also seen wielding EMGs on various occasions, but he never uses them in combat.

The NCMG-44 is one of the most effective weapons in multiplayer. Rushing your opponent out in the open with dual EMGs blazing in your hands is almost a sure kill.