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The logo of the facility.

The N.A.N.O. Military Research Facility is a location in Red Faction II.



The N.A.N.O Military Research Facility built shorty after the First Martian Revolution to house the Nanotechnology stolen from the Ultor Corporation after it's fall. The technology was kept under heavy security in the center of the base. The location is the facility is unknown but it is known that it's located outside Commonwealth territory. The facility is destroyed during the Commonwealth's raid when Alias stole the Nano cell from the facility's core and triggering it's self destruct sequence.

N.A.N.O Military Research Facility as it appears in Red Faction II.

Pre-Commonwealth Civil War[]

Two years before the Commonwealth Civil War, a squad of elite soldiers led by Alias under the command of Chancellor Sopot storm the facility to steal the nanotechnology. Alias' squad was quickly wiped out shortly after landing but Alias with the help of Shrike gained access to the facitily. Inside Alias encountered heavy resistance but he was able to make his way to the core and stole the Nano cell.